My name is Cristina and am a typical housewife, 1950's housewife that is =)
I have always been fascinated with that era. I love the clothing, the furniture, the cars, the kitchen stuff, tablecloths, aprons and of course the cooking!

I live in my grandmother's house in NYC that has been in the family since it was built in 1930. She lives underneath me, and I live in the apartment above her. I have the original kitchen cabinets from the 40's or 1950's. Just lovely!
She has taught me over the years of the lovely recipes she has cooked back in the day. Her home made ravioli's, her home made pizza, her Christmas cookies that I make every year, ice box cake, and all of her lovely other recipes that I have. Cooking was a big part of her life and it is for me too.
I decided to make a blog of all recipes from the 1900's-1970's. I want to try everything, the good bad and the ugly!! Nothing is off limits.

I also have a huge collection of vintage cookbooks that I will be testing and posting about!
I wanted to make it fun, unlike today cooking is not as colorful as it once was. So I am bringing back the vintage recipes and having fun with them!

I hope you enjoy this blog, it is fun to go back in time when everything was once so nice.

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