Saturday, July 6, 2013

Double pear salad Jello mold -Tested

  I got this really neat fun festive recipe from this fun blog that I check out. She tests all different weird vintage recipes and she tested out this looked fun enough so I also tried it out too.
You can see her tested Double pear salad on "The mid-century menu"
Thanks Ruth!

It was a simple easy recipe. Ruth stated that the recipe came from a fun church book from ridgewood kitchens and was published in 1934.

This recipe is like an Under the Sea salads. This is my first under the sea recipe ever tested! And was a little nervous tasting Jell-O with avocado even though I LOVE avocados! I never tasted lime gelatin either so this really was my first!

I took it out after I un-molded it and placed it on a cake plate.

My husband Joe was also nervous trying it but he went in for the kill! and boy did he love it!

Boy did Joe love it! I only took once little bite, it was OKAY for me. Not really loving the lime for me but the lime and avocado was good. He ate half of the jello!
He kept eating it and eating it and begged me to make it again!

Joe gives it a thumbs up!

VERDICT: Tastes good, avocado and lime gelatin mix well together even though it sounds strange.
If you like Lime then you will like this! 

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