Monday, July 8, 2013

One Bowl Cake- 1910 Mcalls book

This is by far the BEST cake I have ever made! From scratch that is =)
I was searching the internet for a delicious vanilla cake with chocolate icing and was making this cake for the 4th of July. I stumbled upon this blog and found the HERE

This is now my go to cake!

VERDICT: Extremely delicious! One of the BEST cakes I have ever tasted. Very moist and not too sweet but just enough flavor, the chocolate icing is to die for! Not too rich but just enough chocolate flavor.

Everyone that ate it kept "mmming" while eating it! I only have one more piece left and the whole cake was eaten within 2 days! That is how delicious this cake is. It will be one of my cakes that I will make often.



  1. Looks and sounds great. And I like your vintage Corell plates and Formica countertop!

    1. Dave, you must try this recipe! It is THE BEST I have ever had home-made from scratch! It is delicious!!!!! And will be a cake that I will be baking often.

      Thank you! =) The corelle plates are the Butterfly gold pattern and my Formica counter tops I love too! They are original to the house!